Friday, August 17, 2012

Craft Foam Paint Stamp

This super simple project is full of potential.  Buy a sheet of the extra thick craft foam from your local craft store (you may be able to laminate the thin stuff together with a strong but flexible glue, but I haven't tried it). Next, carve out your design with a craft knife and use a small pair of scissors to smooth out any ragged edges.

Once you've cut out your shape in foam, glue it to a very thick piece of cardboard, a scrap of wood, or some masonite. I laminated some thick non-corrugated cardboard together to make my stamp and it's held up to being painted and washed off a couple of times without problems.

Once the stamp is done, go to town with your paint.  I used mine to make some homemade gift wrap out of brown craft paper from the dollar store and some leftover craft acrylic paints.  Cheap, quick, and totally customizeable!

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