Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recycle Craft: Crystal Light Container to Magnetic Organizer

This is a very easy project to take something that would have ended up in the recycling bin and create something useful.

You Will Need the Following: 
A piece of scrapbook paper
Glue--I used Mod Podge
A foam brush
Neodymium magnets and glue to attach them

I used my paper cutter to cut a piece of paper that was 5 inches tall.  I then wrapped the strip around my container and marked where it would overlap just a tiny bit and cut the excess off.  I then brushed Mod Podge onto the paper and carefully applied it to the container making sure to line the seam up on one of the  flat sides. I put some extra glue along the seam.  If you want a really secure and water resistant covering, you could take the time to cover the whole container in a couple of layers of Mod Podge.  I opted not to since this scrapbook paper has a bit of a sheen to it that would have been dulled by the Mod Podge (and this was faster). After the glue dries, attach your magnets to the back of the container with some E6000 or hot glue.

I tried it with just one magnet, but it slid down the fridge.  Two of these strong neodymium magnets was just right.  And now I'll always know where my scissors are. The next one I make may include trim or other decorations--but this proof of concept works perfectly.  I always love making something useful out of trash!

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