Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As Seen on Pinterest: DIY Shower Cleaner

DIY shower cleaner made with vinegar and Dawn has been floating around Pinterest since it's early days.  I first tried it out last year when Pins recommended using it in a spray bottle and some recommended warming the vinegar in the microwave and using it hot when you cleaned.  I'm convinced the hot vinegar was mostly to help keep the mixture liquid enough for a spray bottle. When I tried the spray bottle version, I had to thin it down with 2 parts vinegar to 1 part Dawn to get it to come out of my spray bottle at all, and then the spray bottle was clogged with Dawn by the next time I wanted to use it.  However, it did work to clean my shower--it just stunk strongly of vinegar.  So when I saw the version using a dish scrubbing wand--I knew they had a good idea.

I filled my dishwand with 1 part (or halfway) of Dawn Ultra (the standard blue stuff--the old regular Dawn has actually gotten hard to find). Make sure you use a blue scrubber and not a green one--the green scrubbers can scratch surfaces.

Then I filled up the other half with vinegar.  Leave a little room in the wand so that you can shake the mixture up (I filled mine a bit full).

Once mixed, it will be light blue, and ready to clean! Just like the first time I tried this out, it worked to clean my shower about as well as the good store bought cleaners.  The wand method makes it a lot easier to scrub while applying and doesn't have the strong vinegar smell that my spray bottle version did.  

Now for the embarrassing picture of my dirty shower.  I scrubbed for just a couple of minutes and turned on the shower to rinse the soap away.  Worked like a charm!  Once you've invested in the wand, it becomes a fraction of the cost of most shower cleaners and is more effective than a lot of them (and probably less toxic too).  This is one Pinterest DIY that's exactly as stated!

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  1. Love this remedy for hard-to-clean enclosed showers!!!