Wednesday, July 31, 2013

As Seen on Pinterest: Spray Oil Manicure

I'm testing out another one of the popular Pinterest DIY posts today.  This time I'm trying out the spray oil manicure.  The original pins suggest that spraying Pam (or a similar aerosol spray oil) will "instantly dry your manicure."  Well, it doesn't do that--not even close.  

What it does do is create an oily buffer on your nails that makes them a little less likely to get nicked or smudged.  Awesome, right?  Well sure if you're hands weren't covered in slippery oil....and it only works if you put on a relatively thin coat of nail polish....glob on too much polish and the Pam will leave little bubbles in your manicure...not to mention that things that would normally be a no-no when your nails are drying are still a no-no--it's no magic bullet.  But heck, if you have a bottle of spray oil that's about to expire, chuck it in the bathroom cabinet, it could help save your manicure on a busy day--but be warned it's slippery stuff.

P.S. It's really hard to take pictures when your hands are covered in Pam.

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