Friday, July 26, 2013

Food Coloring Spray Paint

For my last post, I marbled paper with food coloring, today I'm going to create a spray paint with it. I had no idea that food coloring could be used so easily with paper--the possibilities seem endless. This project is a super cheap and easy way to create that misty air-brushed look.

You'll need:
Liquid food coloring
Small spray bottle 

Put about one inch of water into your spray bottle (you can find these for about a dollar in the travel section of most big box stores).  Add several drops of food coloring and shake.  About 3 drops will create a water pastel, 5 or 6 drops will create a more saturated color.  I used white cardstock on a cookie sheet to help with overspray.  You'll want to wipe down your table after every few sheets (or put down some newspaper).  As long as the food coloring is still wet, it wipes up easily.  Be sure to run clean water through the sprayer before switching to new colors.

After you've experimented with color intensity and patterns, try making some stencils out of your card stock.  In the picture above you can see a grass pattern at the top of the photo and a wave pattern at the bottom.

My favorite pattern was created with blue spray that I then added a few drops of green to and layered on top of the blue spray.  It created a sort of aqua ombre effect.  I used it to create the thank you card below.

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