Monday, July 15, 2013

Silver Striped Spray Painted Vase

I found this great heavy weighted glass vase/candle holder at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  It was really nice--department store quality.  Unfortunately, it had a little defect.  There was a small blob (less than a 1/4 inch) of gray/green glass on the side of this otherwise really nice clear glass vase.  It was marked for 99 cents so I decided to rescue it and spray paint it with stripes.  I had been wanting to do that anyway, and the defect gave me the perfect opportunity.

I set up my stripes so that the paint would cover the defect.  I tried measuring with the width of the tape, but found that between imperfections in the glass and the stretch of the tape, I was better off just eyeballing it.  I filled the vase up with plastic bags to keep spray paint from going inside the vase and gave it a good coat. I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray, Silver for this project.

I came back for a second coat and it was pretty much finished.  I just had to let it finish drying inside.  I carefully peeled off the tape and was pretty satisfied with the outcome.  It wasn't perfect, but it turned out pretty well. I needed to clean up some of the edges from bleedthrough (but the paint scrapes off pretty well with just my fingernails).

Normally I'd have a photo of the vase in it's new home or filled with a candle or something...but disaster struck.  I was planning on cleaning it up and using it as my new makeup brush and eyeliner holder.  I filled it part way with clear glass beads and was sorting out the rest of my beads when--out of the blue--the sucker cracked.  It popped right at the defect.  Luckily it stayed in one piece--the paint may have helped.  But the moral of the story is: don't buy glass with defects.  Fortunately I'm only out a dollar and some spray paint. But now I know that this method will work to create relatively straight and crisp stripes.  I just need to find the perfect vase to try it again. 

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