Monday, January 13, 2014

Alcohol Ink Decorated Vase

Alcohol Ink Glass Vase

One of the first projects I saw online using Alcohol Inks was a candle holder.  It looked like stained glass, and I was so excited to try using the inks out on glass.  When I got my first alcohol ink, I tried a couple of projects just dripping the ink on and using a little rubbing alcohol as a mixative--one of those was some small votive holders. After making my felt stamper and using it to make washer necklaces and coasters, I knew I had to use the stamper on glass, and it became even more necessary after Hubby got me two packs of new alcohol inks for Christmas.  I had a small vase/large candle holder in my cabinet.  I had picked it up for 99 cents at Goodwill, but I'm sure you can pick up something similar at a dollar store or discount store.

I decided I wanted to use mainly blues and greens on the vase.  So I squirted little dots of all of my blues and greens onto my little homemade applicator stamp felt. Then I started stamping.  I knew I needed to try to make it all around the vase since getting the color combination the same with additional inks is near impossible, so I stamped all around the vase with the same ink to get a base coat of greens and blues.

After the base coat was on, I noticed it was pretty green--so I decided to throw in a little magenta as an accent color and some blue to bring that color out.  I even threw in a bit of silver (though I think I liked it a bit better without it as it's not transparent like the rest of the colors).  So I took my applicator and made a second pass around the vase.  After that, I just tried to make sure there weren't any splotchy or overly symmetrical parts--I just stamped a little over a couple areas and it was done.

Alcohol Ink Glass Candle Holder Vase

Since the vase is an in between size and I knew it would look pretty with light inside of it, I dropped a candle into it and lit it up so I could admire my creation.  It was a pretty easy project since you just need to stamp a couple of coats of color on it and the ink dries pretty fast so you don't have to wait long between coats.

Alcohol Ink Glass Candle Holder Vase


  1. Really pretty. I'm new to alcohol inks and wanting to do this. How did you make your stamper,and would a sponge work?

    1. I made my own applicator, but you can buy one for $4-6. It's just a block of wood with velcro (the hook side) glued onto it. Then you can cut up some felt to stick on it for projects. I have tried make up sponges--doesn't work so well, the make up sponges soak up liquid and sort of deform. I haven't tried any other materials for stamping, but now you have me thinking about it.

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't sealed most of my glass vase/candle holders as they are just sitting on a shelf or table and not being handled. They have held up fairly well. If it will be handled a lot or in contact with any alcohol based liquids (including perfume, hairspray, etc....), seal it with a clear glossy sealer. Mod podge will leave brush lines even with a foam brush, so I'd recommend a glossy clear acrylic spray. Spray a very light initial coat, let it dry, and then spray again for better coverage.