Monday, July 13, 2015

Duct Tape Covered Six Pack Carrier

We were shopping at the local Wal-mart when I saw this adorable new "Happy Camper" duct tape with retro campers and pink flamingos on an aqua blue background. I knew I needed to have the duct tape, but I wasn't sure what I should do with it. Then I remembered the six-pack carrier we got from World Market when we picked our create-your-own six pack of sodas this spring. It folds flat just like the six pack carriers you get your favorite flavor of beer in (which I've covered before with scrapbook paper), but it's made from much thicker cardboard which made it ideal for covering and using as a picnic carrier.

I grabbed a couple rolls of solid tape to go along with my Happy Camper print and got started.

At first I just flattened my carrier and taped straight along the bottom. The bulk of the carrier was covered very quickly. When I got to the top of the carrier, I taped over the stair step openings.

Then I simply cut slits with my scissors and folded the tape over (as seen in the photo below).

Then I taped the handle. This was the hardest part of the project. After taping straight across the top, I slit the tape and folded it around the handle hole. Then I cut smaller pieces to cover the areas behind the step down openings.

Then I cut a couple of strips of white tape in half and used them as contrast (and a cover up for any seams) along the edges. Now the carrier is ready for silverware, condiments, etc...or bugspray and sunscreen, or whatever you fancy.

I did the whole project with a scissors, but about halfway through, the tape started sticking to the scissors and making it difficult to cut. If I make another one, I'll use a rotary cutter and a craft mat to help keep the cuts straight. I didn't tape the bottom of the carrier at all, so it still folds completely flat and can be stored conveniently on a shelf or in a drawer.

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