Monday, September 7, 2015

Butterfly and Tulip Watercolor Painting Tutorials

I stumbled across some more watercolor tutorials to aide in my ongoing project to learn how to watercolor paint. They were a collection of old videos posted on an art supply store's youtube channel. These both come from Susan Sheewe and are very quick and easy (well they seemed easy :)). 

I had wanted to paint some butterflies and this one made the whole process look like a piece of cake. It was a quick painting, but I felt like the butterfly wasn't the right shape when I was finished.

After it dried, I widened some of the wings just a smidge and painted in a background with a light cerulean color wash. The painting flattened out a bit more as it dried, but I decided I didn't like working on 80lb watercolor paper that I had. The paper warped too much from the water, and the paint behaved differently on it. I believe it came with a kit, so I'll stick with the slightly more expensive stuff.

Next I decided to watch a video about painting tulips--one of my favorite flowers. She used a technique where the paint was on the tip of the paintbrush and created a gradation effect. She didn't explain how to do this, and I wasn't able to recreate it, so I just did my best at painting some tulips.

This time I used some watercolor paper postcards to paint some smaller flower paintings.

For the red tulips I painted the foreground (the tulips) first, and for the purple tulips, I painted the background and just got some paint on in the general shape of tulips for the first coat. Then I let them both dry. I really like working on two paintings at once because you can let one dry while you work on the other.

After they both dried, I went back in and added more detail and color variation to the petals. I also added a light blue background to the red tulips.

So the butterfly photo I was able to do pretty much just like in the video, but wasn't happy with the way it turned out. With the tulips, I wasn't able to paint them the way she did in the video, but I liked the way they turned out. It was interesting to try to paint these with an angle brush like she does in the videos. It seems like each painter has a favorite brush. I think I lean toward a round brush for watercolor painting and an angle brush for acrylic painting. At any rate, I enjoyed painting and I keep learning new techniques.

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