Monday, September 28, 2015

Mod Podge Jack O' Lantern

Last Halloween season I decorated some Dollar Store Altar Candles for halloween, this year I grabbed a round bud vase from Dollar Tree and decided to make it into a Jack o'Lantern.

I grabbed some orange and yellow tissue paper and tore the orange paper into chunks. You could put it on in strips too, but whole sheets over the round surface would bunch in odd places, so I tore it for a rustic pumpkin look. I glued the chunks of tissue paper all over the surface until it was covered. Then I covered the outside of the tissue paper with mod podge. Then I cut out two triangle eyes and a mouth out of yellow tissue paper and tapped them onto the wet surface. Then I painted over them with the glue to seal everything in.

When I was done, I was left with a nice pumpkin jack-o-lantern candle holder (or candy holder if you rather).

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