Monday, January 4, 2016

Best of 2015 Craft Projects

It's the first post of 2016 which makes it a great opportunity to reflect on 2015's craft projects. I've selected the top 5 (well 6--there was a tie) most popular posts of the year (based on web traffic) and a few of my favorite projects.

Most Popular from 2015

1. You may notice a bit of a trend with the most popular posts this year. The top 3 are all glass gem alcohol ink projects. Go figure. The number 1 most popular post of 2015 is my post about making glass gem necklaces.

2. My second most popular post was making alcohol ink decorated glass gems into magnets.

3. Number 3 on this year's list is backing alcohol ink gems with aluminum foil.

4. My 4th most popular post was actually a bit of a flop. It was my attempts at using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create an alcohol ink type effect on tiles. The above photo is when the tiles were still wet, they didn't dry nearly as vibrant, but I document the whole process if you're interested in not making my mistakes.

4. Also tied in 4th place was this alcohol ink decorated tin. I keep a few spools of thread and some pins and needles in this tin now for making quick sewing repairs.

5. In fifth place we finally have a project that didn't involve alcohol ink. I used mod podge and tissue paper to create "stained glass" candle holders.

My Favorites of 2015

It's always interesting to see what projects are the most popular, but since it's only January, the posts that went up early last year are always more likely to win out. Also, the alcohol ink posts are very popular, so I picked a few other projects to highlight as some of my favorite from the year.

I made two sets of bottle cap magnets this year. One with the caps painted black, and one with the caps painted white. They were both a ton of fun to make and turned out great!

I was also very pleased with the progress I made with watercolor painting this year. I started late this summer and made several paintings. I picked my favorite to share for the list--this painting of a butterfly.

My favorite spray paint project of the year has to be these ombre tins. They turned out so bright and happy and were really easy (after I got the original printed labels on the tins covered with several coats of  paint).

Lastly, I picked my favorite alcohol ink project from the year: This drip decorated vase. I really love how this one turned out!

Happy New Year! See you next week with a new craft tutorial!

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