Monday, March 14, 2016

Dripped Alcohol Ink Dish

It's been unseasonably warm here for the beginning of March. Most of the days have been cloudy, though, so as soon as we had a nice sunny day, I went outside to work on a craft. I really loved the results I had when I dripped alcohol ink on a vase, so I decided to use the same technique on this dish I bought at Dollar Tree. It's conveniently shaped and sized to be a candy dish or candle holder or a bud vase, whatever you like.

I laid out my craft mat and grabbed my rubbing alcohol for cleanup. Then I picked some bright colors and flipped the dish over. I dripped them from the bottom edge of the dish and let gravity do it's job.

For some of the colors I traced the tip of the ink bottle down the length of the dish to help gravity along. And for some, I started a drip half way down the dish to provide some variety and depth.

I kept turning the dish and adding colors as I went along. The sun cast pretty rainbow colored shadows on the table as I worked. I just kept adding ink until the dish was mostly covered and I was happy with the pattern.

I ended up with a brightly colored dish that was as springy as the weather that day. If you don't plan on handling your dish, you can leave it as is. Otherwise, spray it with some glossy clear sealer or paint on a thin layer of glossy mod podge to avoid smearing or scratching of the ink.

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