Thursday, December 22, 2016

Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments (Part 2)

On Monday, I showed you all how I used my Cuttlebug machine to cut a whole mess of old Christmas cards into ornament shapes. Of course, you could just punch holes in them and hang them up or use them as gift tags as they are, but I just had to take it a step further and make them double sided and glittery!

I paired up my cut outs as best as I could and punched holes in most of them. I also tried out gluing a silver thread in between the layers on a few--this worked, but was a bit of a pain. After I picked out my two matching halves, I set them on a paper plate and used Mod Podge to glue them together.

I spread the glue on with a foam brush. Be sure to put enough glue on that it can absorb a bit and still have enough glue left that you can put the two halves together and slide them around just a bit, but not so much glue that it comes oozing out as you press the halves together. It may take a bit of practice to figure out how much to use. Some of the cards curled up a bit as they were glued, so after I glued the halves together, I pressed all the edges together carefully and I put them under a case of pop to set up a bit. A few heavy books would be a good option too.

After they dried for a while (left them to dry for about a half an hour), then I used the foam brush to dab more Mod Podge along the edge of the ornament. Then I dipped the ornaments into a bowl full of glitter. 

The larger ornaments were sometimes a bit tricky to get into the bowl, but I found that I could scoop up the glitter and let it fall down the ornament and get them covered.

When I was all done, I had a pile of glittered ornaments. I let these dry for about an hour before I came back and put my finishing coat of glue on them.

To seal the cards and make them stiffer, and most importantly, keep the glitter from shedding, I covered the entire ornament with a layer of Mod Podge. I set all my ornaments on a piece of parchment paper and glued one side, let it dry, and then glued the other side.

These turned out great! Aside from a lot of waiting for glue to dry, this project was fun and easy! Now I'll be keeping a special eye out for Christmas cards that I want to turn into ornaments when I receive them! Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

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