Monday, January 23, 2017

Alcohol Ink on Mirrored Candle Plate

Last week I tried alcohol ink on a surface I hadn't tried before--a textured bowl. This week, I'm trying another new surface--a mirror. At Dollar Tree, they sell these little mirrored candle plates, so I picked one up to try as an experiment.

I started out by dripping some red (watermelon) and orange (sunset orange) onto the mirror. Then I added a drop of rubbing alcohol to help thin the ink out.

Then I used a can of electronic duster air to spread the ink out. I used a plastic container lid as a shield to blow the ink towards so it wouldn't get all over my table.

When I was done, I ended up with something that looked like the one above. If looks a little blurry from the reflection of the mirror. I wasn't pleased with my first try, so I tried it again and again and again. I think I wiped it off with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol about 5 times.

This one (above) was my best--sadly, I kept adding ink after this photo was taken, and ended up redoing it again. So what I learned from this experience is that mirrors are not a terribly forgiving medium for alcohol inks. I might end up trying mirrors again with a different application method in the future.

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