Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting Organized

I've been crafting for my whole life, but I've gotten pretty serious about it in the last few years. That means I have tons of supplies. I try my best to buy them at reasonable prices, but it's of very little consequence if I end up not being able to find them or ruining my supplies because they are tossed in a random box or thrown in a pile. So I've been making an effort as of late to store my supplies better. 

Metal dies are a bit tricky to store. They need to be kept flat so they don't bend and they can be sharp or at the very least, a bit pokey. I had been storing them in a plastic shoe box with my embossing folders, but I was worried they'd get bent and it was hard to see what I had. So I bought an Art Bin Magnetic Storage Case. This box is fairly small--about 10 inches--but stores a ton of dies.

The box comes with 3 Magnetic Die Sheets and you can buy more to fill it. 3 sheets doesn't seem like much, but I was able to fit two complete sets of dies on one sheet. It's nice and compact and the dies are secure on the magnets.

The embossing folders in that same plastic shoe box needed a home of their own too. They aren't as tricky to store, but I found the Darice Embossing Folder Organizer which keeps them all neatly tucked away. Unlike the ArtBin Die box, this portfolio is rather large (bigger than a binder coming in at 17+ inches).

It has 4 pockets per page (double sided) and holds 40 embossing folders.

The pockets fit both 4 x 6 and 5 x7 folders. I took a picture of the larger Cuttlebug brand folders and a smaller freebie folder side by side. They both fit perfectly.

My last organizing challenge was moving my alcohol ink supplies out of a cardboard shoe box and into the Sterilite Stack and Carry Box. I picked mine up at Big Lots for a discounted price.

In the bottom layer, I was able to store all of my inks and my color guides with plenty of room for more inks and my applicators. The second layer stores my craft mats, water pen, plastic palette, air can, eye droppers, etc... The only thing I couldn't fit in the box was my rubbing alcohol bottle.

I'm excited to have my supplies so easily at hand. What storage and organization tips do you have for your craft supplies?

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