Monday, January 2, 2017

Best of the Blog 2016

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2017, I thought we'd take a look back at last year's most popular posts (and a few of my favorites).

1. This year's most popular post, by far, was the one where I used my Cuttlebug to emboss aluminum foil. I also used some dies to cut out some shapes (as seen in the photo above). I guess this one was popular because it's such an easy project. It's always fun to take something (like aluminum foil) that we have around the house and make something really cool with it.

2. My second most popular post was the one where I tested 90% vs. 70% rubbing alcohol as blending solutions with alcohol inks. Though I think the post's popularity is due to the cool splatter tile I made with the rubbing alcohol and an eye dropper.

3. This year's 3rd most popular post was a compilation post of all of my alcohol ink glass gem tutorials. These glass gems continue to be one of my most popular projects. They are so much fun to make!

4. My 4th most popular post this year was when I used a contact paper heart to make a resist pattern with alcohol ink on a ceramic tile. It turned out so neat that I can't wait to make more!

5. My number 5 most popular post was the only non-alcohol ink post of the bunch this year. I used some 4th of July star napkins to decorate dollar store altar candles. This is one in a long line of decorated altar candles, but it's really fun to see one of the projects get a little extra attention.

Honorable Mention: This year's 6th most popular post and honorable mention (especially since it's only been up since November) goes to my tutorial where I inked glass gems and added foil tape to the back to create more shimmer and opacity.

The rest of my highlighted projects are favorites of mine that haven't had as many page visits.

My first of this year's "favorites" is my plastic wrap alcohol ink glass bottle. This was a new a fun technique and the bottle turned out really neat (it might not quite come across in the photo, but it's really iridescent in person).

My second favorite for the year is these little faux stained glass pendants I made with glass slides and aluminum tape. They turned out so classy, and I can't wait to come up with new ways to use these glass slides!

Next up was my wire wrapped button charms. I think these little button pendants turned out great and were really simple once I got the hang of the wire.

And the last of my favorites from 2016 are my embossed domino pendants. Though figuring out the best way to ink the dominoes definitely included a bit of a learning curve, but they were so much fun to emboss. I look for excuses to wear these necklaces as often as possible!

It's always fun to look back at a year's worth of projects and see which ones had the most page views and which ones were neglected favorites. Here's to another year of crafting!

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